A Chinese Richard III comes to New York

An interview with Wang Xiaoying, director of the National Theatre of China’s “Richard III,” which runs at NYU Skirball Center from Wednesday, March 26, through Saturday, March 29.


Oscar Wilde on St. Patrick’s Day

How it’s New York: Oscar Wilde arrived in New York in January 1882 for a series of lectures across America. How it’s Irish: Oscar Wilde: Irish poet, dramatist and wit. “A Pride I Cannot Properly Acknowledge” On St. Patrick’s Day 1882, during his lecture tour of north America, Oscar Wilde happened to be in St. […]


Eamon Loingsigh launches novel “Light of the Diddicoy” at ALL BOOKED UP

How it’s New York: It’s a literary love fest in Greenwich Village launching Eamon Loingsigh’s “Light of the Diddicoy,” a gripping novel set in a very pre-hipster Irish Brooklyn of a century ago. And in the multi-cultural spirit on NYC, Loingsigh shares the program with prominent Italian-American writer Richard Vetere. How it’s Irish: Set in the year […]

Bruce in Focus Cover

InteReview: Debra Rothenberg’s 30 years of Bruce (we’re hoping for 30 more)

Bruce Springsteen scholar and sometime “Backstreets” photographer Matt Orel reviews Debra Rothenberg’s “Bruce Springsteen in Focus: 1980-2012:” “We get to see the joy that Springsteen brought to his performances…” and it’s accurate!


InteReview: Joanie Madden and Cherish welcome all to an Irish Homecoming

Joanie Madden describes a gathering of old and new friends in Cherish the Ladies’ live CD and DVD, “An Irish Homecoming.”


Pumpkins in space. No really.

Halloween is famous for pumpkins, but one Irish grown pumpkin called ‘Patches’ is destined to become infamous following his amazing journey into space!

Gabriel Byrne, courtesy of IAC

Mick Moloney’s “An Irish Christmas” brings holiday spirit in

“An Irish Christmas” still going strong in 2013

Fiona Shaw and Daniel Hay Gordon (Adam Termine)

Fiona Shaw’s ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ at BAM quenches a thirsty soul

You haven’t really experienced “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” until you have heard it come alive in the voice and movements of Fiona Shaw and dancer/mime Daniel Hay-Gordon.


Kilkenny named Ireland 2013 tourist town

Kilkenny, which had a Bruce concert last summer, has been named 2013 Tourism Town in Ireland.


Review of “Rise Up Singing: Women in the Labor Movement”

“Rise Up Singing: Women in the Labor Movement” was both entertaining and educational in a program produced by the CUNY Institute of Irish-Aemrican Studies and the Department of African-American Studies at Lehman College.


Peter O'Toole in "Lawrence of Arabia," 1962

Farewell, Peter O’Toole

Farewell, Peter O’Toole, inspiration for Francis Crawford of Lymond by Dorothy Dunnett, and one of the world’s most interesting actors.

Photo: Alex Bailey � 2013 The Weinstein Company.

Philomena – Heavy truths made light with the pen

Philomena Connors reviews her namesake Philomena and finds it a deeply emotional tale, which is heartbreaking, funny and angrifying.


Graphic novels of Finn McCool coming

Chris Brosnan is creating graphic novels about Finn McCool.


New Book Profiles Outstanding Irish Pubs in America

Want to find a great Irish pub in America? Check out this book.

The goddess Diana (Jacqueline Antaramian) appears before her devoted votaresses and pilgrims. Photo:  ©Jerry Dalia

‘Pericles’ Is a real royal treat

“Pericles” at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is everything Shakespeare could wish: funny, beautiful, exciting, touching.

Macbeth LCT 10-13 263a CAPTIONED

The (weird) sisters are doing it for themselves: Macbeth review

Ethan Hawke plays Macbeth as a muddled middleman, easily led by Sisters of Mercy Me.


One-day event dedicated to genealogy in NYC

Learn about how to trace your roots using DNA in NYC on Saturday.


Confession Is Good for the Soul

Yom Kippur begins tonight. Get ready to thump your chest.


New York Irish Arts Podcast #24: All That Fall


Gavin Quinn talks about All That Fall, a production from his Pan Pan Theatre, that ran at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival in December.


New York Irish Arts Podcast #23: Pipes of Christmas


Currie talks about The Pipes of Christmas, concerts that take place in New York City on Dec. 15, and in New Jersey on Dec. 16.