Review of “Rise Up Singing: Women in the Labor Movement”

“Rise Up Singing: Women in the Labor Movement” was both entertaining and educational in a program produced by the CUNY Institute of Irish-Aemrican Studies and the Department of African-American Studies at Lehman College.

Judy Collins’s O’Neill Award Celebration Reunites Folk Legends, Inspires Artists

How It’s New York: The 2012 Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award celebration took place at the Manhattan Club above Rosie O’Grady’s, a convivial Times Square fixture for almost 40 years, and a short walk from the birthplace of Eugene O’Neill.  How It’s Irish: The award was bestowed by Irish American Writers and Artists Inc. (IAWA) […]

Books: Charles Hale wraps up Aug. 23 IAWA Salon

Ron Ryan and Mary Tierney How It’s New York: New York is still one of the world’s great literary homes.How It’s Irish:  IAWA is IRISH-American Writers and Artists. Charles Hale wraps up last week’s IAWA salon. Have you been yet?Salons are normally held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The next salon will […]

Books: newbie night at the IAWA Salon

How It’s New York: The Irish-American Writers and Artists is a NY based group, and the Salons bring out some of the best people in the city! How It’s Irish:The people are Irish-American or Irish or VERY closely affiliated, and often the stories are too. Charles Hale wraps up the last salon, which included a […]

Books: Bards Gather at Ourland Festival at Lincoln Center

How It’s New York: Joe Hurley’s Ourland Festival took place at one of New York City’s cultural hubs, Lincoln Center. How It’s Irish: The Ourland Festival celebrated the literature, music, and dance of Ireland and Irish America.  John Kearns attended the Ourland Festival at Lincoln Center a week ago Sunday, a day of literature, music […]

Books: Charles Hale wraps up the latest IAWA Salon

How It’s New York: Irish American Writers &Artists  is a NY institution, and these salons attract some of the most creative talent in the city. How It’s Irish: Some of the artists are Irish from Ireland, some are Irish-American, and many write and sing about the Irish and Irish-American experience. Also, there’s wine. IAW&A director […]

Books: IAWA Salon wrap-up from Charles R. Hale

How It’s New York: The IAW&A holds salons all over the city, and was founded in NYC. How It’s Irish: Irish American Writers and Artists celebrates writers, actors, musicians, filmakers and other kinds of artists past and present… Co-director Charles R. Hale shares the write-up of the last salon. These are some of the MOST […]

Books: Dynamic IAWA General Membership Meeting

T.J.English gives an address How It’s New York: IrishAmerican Writers and Artists Inc. was founded in and is mostly active in New York City with members regularly traveling in from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Washington, DC. This event was held at the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue.  How It’s Irish:  It was gathering of Irish-American […]

Charles Hale brings us up to date at the IAWA reading at the Cell

How It’s New York: These bi-monthly readings at IAWA have turned into a real New York scene: newcomers and regulars, sharing their art, sharing connections. How It’s Irish: The writers are Irish or Irish-American, and much of their content is as well. Charles R. Hale of the Irish-American Writers & Artists tells us about another […]

A new film by IAWA leader Charles Hale!

How It’s New York: Charles R. Hale runs the Irish American Writers and Artist’s Salon, which is a New York treasure. Many terrific writers, actors, musicians show up there every week!How It’s Irish: the subject of the movie is Charles’ search for an ancestral grave. The film also looks at the concept of Original Sin. […]

Free Entertainment: Irish-American Style

Charles R. Hale. Catch him as an Irish cop on April 19! How It’s New York: The smorgasbord of options is so incredibly New York!  Hard to keep these great choices straight, but have a read through. How It’s Irish: Irish readings, Irish plays, Irish-American plays!  Charles R. Hale will play an irish cop!  not […]

Irish American Writers & Artists’ Salon at the Thalia Cafe 4/3/2012

Guinevere Donohue How It’s New York: New York is the center of the literary world, and this eclectic salon is fast becoming a New York tradition. How It’s Irish: The readers and performers are Irish or Irish-American.  What could be more Irish than Malachy McCourt singing “Carrickergus?” Or “keening” as an art form? Charles Hale […]

The Bells of Hell Ring at the IAWA Salon! Charles Hale Reports

How It’s New York:  Irish American Writers & Artists is based in NY, though founded after a conference in Virginia in 2008.  Its board of Advisors includes New Yorkers Peter Quinn, Mick Moloney, Ellen McCourt.  The Salon began last spring, and now meets bimonthly,  at the Thalia Café at Symphony Space, and at the Cell […]

Too Much Fun at the IAW&A Salon

How It’s New York:  The writers run the gamut from playwright, journalist,  essayist, novelist, American-born, Irish-born, in a happy mix of folks.How It’s Irish:  The group is the Irish American Writers & Artists.  Themes included Obama’s famous pint, nuns and priests as educators, and family. Last Tuesday, Books Editor Michelle Woods and I attended the […]