New York Tradfest going on now!

New York Tradfest this weekend!

Moya Brennan Brings Irish Christmas Spirit to New York

Christmas was unwrapped at Klub 45 on Sunday night, with Moya Brennan, Cormac De Barra and Ashley Davis easing us into the spirit of the season.

Breton Extravaganza Saturday, May 19! Fest Noz!

How It’s New York: This Breton blow-out is put on by BZH- NY,  a group run by Charles Kergaravat to promote Breton culture.How It’s Irish: It’s Celtic, and if you spend time in the West of Ireland you’re almost certain to meet some  French-speaking players. Brittany is one of the seven Celtic nations, and you […]

Barleyjuice and the Moonshiners at Connolly’s July 28th!

How It’s New York:  The gig is at Connolly’s Klub 45 off Times square, a classic fun place to hear music in the city (I’ve seen the High Kings, Screaming Orphans, London Lasses and Biblecode Sundays there, among others).  The Moonshiners are from Staten Island, and Barleyjuice, though Philadelphia-based, often play in NYC.  In fact, […]

Brittany in New York: St. Yves Week!

How It’s New York:  It’s happening here, and there are, according to Charles Kergaravat of BZH-New York (who is on this week’s podcast) over 50,000 Bretons here.  In addition to the music fest at Conolly’s on the 21st, (flyer below), there is also a concert on Wednesday, May 18, which blends Indian sounds from locally […]