Riverdance at 20 is as good as you remember – only better

Going into its 20th anniversary, the latest Riverdance tour feels as lively and energetic as it did when the dancers first thundered and soft-shoed their way onto the stage.

Podcast #35: Gavin Quinn on ‘The Seagull and Other Birds’


Gwen Orel talks to Gavin Quinn about Pan Pan Theatre and ‘The Seagull and Other Birds.’ Featured song is Eileen Ivers’ ‘Walk On,’ from ‘Beyond the Bog Road.’

New York Trad Fest 2014: Bing bang and boom… no flopping!

New York Trad Fest this weekend promises a bing and a bang and no flopping!

InteReview: Joanie Madden and Cherish welcome all to an Irish Homecoming

Joanie Madden describes a gathering of old and new friends in Cherish the Ladies’ live CD and DVD, “An Irish Homecoming.”

New York Trad Fest this weekend– don’t miss!

The first annual New York Trad Fest takes place Saturday, Oct. 19, and Sunday, Oct. 20, organized by fiddler Tony DeMarco. On the bill are Eileen Ivers, Brian Conway, Matt Mancuso, Tony Trischka, Andy Statman and more! An unmissable event!

Meet the Yanks!

Meet The Yanks: four great young trad players from America, stars in their own right, and grand together.

TV InteReview: You’ve Got Me, Copper

How It’s New York: The show is set in NYC, in Five Points in 1863. Its story is quintessential New York: immigrants jammed together hustling to get by.How It’s Irish: Irish music, Irish-American cop(pers) abound! Are you watching Copper, on BBC America yet? If the music sounds familiar, it’s because it’s serious trad: Joanie Madden […]