Don’t miss ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’

“Dancing at the Crossroads” by Kevin Ferguson is on PBS tonight, Sept. 4- don’t miss this wonderful glimpse at the Emerald Isle of New York. (and if you do miss it, buy the DVD!)

The great Joe Derrane (1930-2016), ‘genius of a musician,’ preferred to play

Gwen Orel’s 2010 interview with the late Joe Derrane, a man who’d rather play than talk.

Short Story “Tulip Street” by John Kearns

Sailing the sea is perilous, in Ireland or in Philadelphia. John Kearns shares his short story “Tulip Street,” set in Philadelphia.

“Forget Me Not” made by formidable duo

Dan Neely reviews “Forget-Me-Not” from Rose Flanagan and Laura Byrne: “brilliant stuff from two of the best.”

Film: Wee Craic tonight- photos!

How It’s New York: The Craic Festival was conceived by local Terence Mulligan, and brings Irish film to a NY audience. You can read an interview I did with Terence for Irish Examiner USA last year here.How It’s Irish: The films are Irish, a few Irish-American. Tonight is a series of short films, followed by […]

Music: Dan Neely on a new biz model, Concert Window

How It’s New York: New York is full of concerts and culture and busy lives. Here’s a way we can get to concerts and yet stay home.How It’s Irish: Concert Window is run by Irish trad player Dan Gurney and bluegrass fiddler Forrest O’Connor, and it’s a boon to those who can’t make it to […]

Larry Kirwan on Bloomberg, Jefferson & Supersizing

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan lives in NYC, and plays there. He’s a regular around town, for years a regular at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar, and often reads at the Irish American Writers and Authors’ Salons.. How It’s Irish: Kirwan’s originally from Wexford, Ireland; he leads tours to Ireland; writes about Ireland; and is […]

Music and Books InteReview: Talking with Black 47’s Larry Kirwan and author Thomas Keneally

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan can often be seen at the Irish American Writers & Artists evemts, when not playing gigs at Connolly’s, Paddy Reilly’s, B.B. King’s and others around town. Author Thomas Keneally came across Larry’s work when Thomas was teaching at N.Y.U. How It’s Irish: Larry originally hails from Wexford, and the […]

Music: Dan Neely on Minimalist ‘method’ in “As It Happened”

How It’s New York: Micheál Ó Raghallaigh and Danny O’Mahony’s stripped-down appeal is popular with young musicians here as well, including Dan Gurney and Dylan Foley.  Dan’s onto something: this sound is catching on with the newest wave of trad musicians!How It’s Irish: The two play traditional Irish music.A version of this article was griginally published in […]

Music review: Dan Neely on Trad and Digital

(@Tomasz Sienicki) How It’s New York: We’d love to be able to claim that Record Store Day started in NYC. It’s not true, but there are many in NY who appreciate the diff between vinyl and digital. How It’s Irish: Trad players are using new media (and facebook! and youtube! and twitter!) to connect to […]

Going on 30: Irish/Celtic Week at Augusta Heritage

Tunes in the gazebo How It’s New York: The Augusta Irish/Celtic Week Heritage Week is coordinated by Dan Neely, who runs the session at Lillie’s and is leader of the Washington Square Harp &Shamrock Orchestra, as well as music columnist for the Irish Echo! How It’s Irish: The week focuses on Irish traditional music, and […]

Dan Neely on Recently Forgot, Never Departed Mentoring Roles

\How It’s New York: Jack Coen (who was based in the Bronx), John McGann and Barney McKenna  inspired and taught some of the musicians playing around the city today.  .How It’s Irish: They were all Irish and played Irish music. This column appeared in the April 18, 2012, edition of the Irish Echo. Daniel Neely, […]

Catskills Irish Arts Week in the Wall Street Journal!

In case you haven’t made your plans for Catskills Irish Arts Week yet, here’s more incentive to do so!  Lovely piece from Earle Hitchener (who also writes about music for the Irish Echo) today in WSJ  (not Speakeasy, which is also WSJ).  Here’s an excerpt, and read the rest there! And of course you can […]