Reporting on ‘Immigrant Arts in America’

Shani R. Friedman reports on “Immigrant Arts in America,” a day-long panel presented at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Podcast #39: T’he Emperor Jones’ and ‘Rebel in the Soul’


Gwen Orel talks with Obi Abili and Ciarán O’Reilly of Irish Rep’s “The Emperor Jones,” and Larry Kirwan, author of Irish Rep’s “Rebel in the Soul.”

The Irish Rep Throws A Party

Mark Butler reports on Irish Rep’s groundbreaking in September– full of hardhats and song!

Inside the New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade II: Slipups in the Snow

How It’s New York: The 252nd New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade marched up Fifth Avenue from 44th to 79th Streets.

How It’s Irish: The parade honors the patron saint of Ireland and the Archdiocese of New York, Patrick, who brought Christianity (and thus literacy) to Ireland.

Judy Collins’s O’Neill Award Celebration Reunites Folk Legends, Inspires Artists

How It’s New York: The 2012 Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award celebration took place at the Manhattan Club above Rosie O’Grady’s, a convivial Times Square fixture for almost 40 years, and a short walk from the birthplace of Eugene O’Neill.  How It’s Irish: The award was bestowed by Irish American Writers and Artists Inc. (IAWA) […]

Judy Collins receives Lifetime Acheivement Award TONIGHT:

How It’s New York: Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc., is a New York-based organization.How It’s Irish: The honorees are all Irish or Irish-American, and the event will take place at the Manhattan Club, upstairs at Rosie O’Grady’s, at 800 Seventh Avenue (corner of 52nd St). Tickets may have already sold out to this, so […]

Songs of Sorrow by Stephen Foster, My Ancestor’s New York Neighbor

How It’s New York: This is a New York story,about life in the Five Points during the 19th century.How It’s Irish: Charles R. Hale recalls his family’s immigration story from Newry. Larry Kirwan’s brilliant play Hard Times, currently running at The Cell Theatre in New York City, reminds me of my family’s connection to Stephen […]

TV InteReview: You’ve Got Me, Copper

How It’s New York: The show is set in NYC, in Five Points in 1863. Its story is quintessential New York: immigrants jammed together hustling to get by.How It’s Irish: Irish music, Irish-American cop(pers) abound! Are you watching Copper, on BBC America yet? If the music sounds familiar, it’s because it’s serious trad: Joanie Madden […]

Theatre: Mike Farragher talks to Larry Kirwan

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan’s play Hard Times is set in New York, where Stephen Foster lived. And Kirwan is a New Yorker now.How It’s Irish: Kirwan sets this drama in Five Points, the Irish section of New York in the 1860s.Mike Farragher conducts an interview with Black 47’s Larry Kirwan, whose play Hard […]

Larry Kirwan on gun control, history and the elections

How It’s New York: We have too many shootings in NYC. We just had one on August 23. How It’s Irish: Larry Kirwan, who wrote this blog, is Irish, and in his play Hard Times he takes a look at the Draft Riots of 1863- in which, he says, gunfire was never mentioned. What happened?A […]

Theatre: “Hard Times” by Larry Kirwan coming soon!

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan, of Black 47, and a New Yorker from Wexford, wrote the book, and Stephen Foster, who wrote the music, lived here in NYC for awhile. How It’s Irish: Larry is Irish, and this play is set in Five Points, which had a lot of Irish immigrants. This play is […]

Theatre: 1st Irish launches: our preview of shows!

George C. Heslin, artistic director of Origin Theatre Company How It’s New York: The 1st Irish Festival was born in New York and reflects our city’s vibrant air of possibility.How It’s Irish: The Festival brings Irish and Irish-American theatre to New York.A version of this article first appeared in Irish Examiner USA, Sept. 4, 2012. […]

Larry Kirwan remembers a teenage summer of love and music

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan is a New Yorker now, and in fact his play Hard Times will open soon at The Cell. How It’s Irish:This prose-poem recalls a teenage summer in Wexford, the romance mixed with music and shyness is quintessentially Irish. An earlier version of this post was published in The Irish […]

Larry Kirwan on Bloomberg, Jefferson & Supersizing

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan lives in NYC, and plays there. He’s a regular around town, for years a regular at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar, and often reads at the Irish American Writers and Authors’ Salons.. How It’s Irish: Kirwan’s originally from Wexford, Ireland; he leads tours to Ireland; writes about Ireland; and is […]