Free Lincoln Center Lunasa Concert: Lively, Expert Playing, and Laughs

John Kearns reviews the Irish supergroup Lunasa at Lincoln Center.

Kevin Crawford Brings the Tune, with Lúnasa Mar. 12

@Stephen Power How It’s New York:  Lúnasa piper Cilian Vallely is based here, (frequently to be seen at 11th Street); the band often plays here, and Highline Ballroom bounces between folk and urban downtown pop.  Which is so New York.How It’s Irish:  Kevin Crawford, the frontman of Lúnasa, whose new CD Carrying the Tune […]

WE HAVE A WINNER! Ticket Giveaway to Lunasa, tonight!

Lúnasa in Long Branch, last year  Our trivia question was:  What is Seán Smyth’s dayjob?Sean Halpin, at the reception for the WSHSO Friday, told me without missing a beat: “G.P. His whole family are G.Ps.” That’s a doctor, to us here in NYC.  Not a whole lot of musicians with that dayjob!  Sean doesn’t want […]