New York Trad Fest 2014: Bing bang and boom… no flopping!

New York Trad Fest this weekend promises a bing and a bang and no flopping!

New York Trad Fest this weekend– don’t miss!

The first annual New York Trad Fest takes place Saturday, Oct. 19, and Sunday, Oct. 20, organized by fiddler Tony DeMarco. On the bill are Eileen Ivers, Brian Conway, Matt Mancuso, Tony Trischka, Andy Statman and more! An unmissable event!

Theatre: Getting To Like Shakespeare In The Park

Lily Rabe and David Furr t (Joan Marcus) How It’s New York: Shakespeare in the Park has been a NYC tradition since it was founded by Joe Papp in 1954. How It’s Irish: Irishman Oliver Platt played Touchstone the jester in the production of As You Like It, which closes tonight. It’s an odd play– […]